Connor Williams - Web & Design Specialist

About Me

I’m Connor,
a Web & Design specialist from Sheffield

I focus on creating stunning brands, intuitive user interfaces and optimised user experiences for startups and established companies across the UK.

I believe striving to create pixel perfect designs and a natural user experience helps maximise revenue and improve brand reputation and customer relations.

Connor Williams - Web & Design Specialist


My Creations


Over the past few years I have worked with many start ups. I have also been fortunate enough to have worked on some of the most popular e-commerce sites in the UK, delivering a variety of projects with some very experienced and creative people.

Web Apps

Every minute of every day my mind is constantly ticking and I am always thinking of how to improve every day tasks. Many of these Web Apps start as ideas which I prototype, propose and then finally create.


As well as specialise in User Experience and Web Development, I'm able to create branding and deliver an all in one solution from start to finish. I believe over time I have created my own style when it comes to designing brands and websites. 

My Journey


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Freelancing & Contracting

A life long ambition of mine has been to one day work for myself doing something I love. After years of planning and finally having the courage to go solo, I'm now pleased to say that I'm a full time freelance & contractor. 

I'm enjoying being able to deliver projects from start to finish, covering wire framing, designing & development. What's great is that I also have the opportunity to work with various companies, developers and designers from different backgrounds, allowing me to continue learning whilst sharing my knowledge and skills. 

  • Delivering projects end to end
  • Aiming to specialising in CRO
Work With Me
July 2016

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Travelling has been on my bucket list for a very long time, but working full time since school made this quite difficult. Before making the jump to full time freelancing, I decided to take a seven week break. During this time I travelled Thailand & Laos, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I met some wonderful people and made some friends for life whilst also learning a hell of a lot about my self.

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Mattress Online

Within my first 3 months of working with Mattress Online, I was able to help automate sales campaigns, implement A/B testing/user tracking software and run Mattress Online’s first ever measurable A/B test. Some of the changes I have implemented have proven to increase revenue by 12% and increase conversion by 8% during large sales periods. This has helped break Mattress Online’s record sales to date. 

Automation means that Mattress Online are now able to create sales campaigns in 60 minutes rather than 5 hours. They're able to change prices at certain times with no manual interaction, update both mobile and desktop sites from one system, which saves great amounts of time and enables them to react to the market faster then ever before.

My main focus was to create a new website, which was being built on their recently developed mobile framework. The struggle they had before I joined was that the new website, created in 2015, did not convert as well as the old one and they were unable to identify why.

Along with their designer, I helped put together a plan to slowly evolve their current website. We were testing core functionality/design with carefully planned A/B testing and reviewing each test to ensure that the changes we made had the outcome we expected without the risk of any losses.

  • 12% increase in revenue
  • 8% increase in conversion

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After working on my skills and portfolio since 2005, I landed my first official job in Web Development (for a commercial company). This was a dream come true! At the age of 18 years old, I was able to absorb so much knowledge from peers that have been in the game for 10+ years and work on a website which receives almost 2 million hits per month.

Within a year, I was helping manage the workload of two members of my team and guide them on a daily basis. 

I also managed A/B tests, helping improve the user experience, conversion, bounce rate and more. Some of the tests include a new landing page for our affiliates, increasing the uptake of products on their sign up journey and many more. Some of these tests have improved conversion by over 5%, helping smash some of Plusnet’s record sales at the time.

  • Improved conversion by over 5%
  • Helped beat Plusnet’s record sales

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Portfolio Time

I was eager to leave school and build on my freelancing career. I started college but shortly after left, it just wasn't for me! After freelancing for many years, I found it very hard to continue sitting in a classroom learning from outdated books. I wanted to get out there and continue creating products which would get used every day. 

I continued working on my portfolio in aim to get that dream job in web development. During these years, I also set up a small business of my own in Spain creating customised souvenirs. This was a nice way of making my own money, whilst working on that all important portfolio.


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Finishing Studies & Freelance

I was extremely lucky to work on freelance projects at such a young age.  Popping to the toilet to answer business calls was something I had to do quite often at School. At this point, I knew that this was the career I wanted to pursue, which I had already started doing so.

During these years I really upped my game in regards to web development. I learnt Javascript & PHP allowing me to create bespoke E-Commerce & recruitment websites for companies in Sheffield & Rotherham.


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The Myspace Era

I discovered Myspace when trying to find music for some of my favourite artists at the time. I discovered that Myspace accepts custom HTML & CSS so you can create your theme, this is when I decided to gave it a try. Turns out, I was pretty good at them! I could move every element on the page with position absolute and with the help of Flash MX (yes MX!) create layouts which have never been seen on Myspace. 

I contacted some of the popular music artists at the time and offered them a free layout. I did this for around 4 artists, which lead to my designs being discovered by a record label in London. This is how I landed my first official freelance project at the young age of 14, creating designs for the likes of Ashley Walters.


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Dial Up & Matmice

It all started when AOL installed our first dial-up connection and I discovered "Matmice". Matmice was a social network aimed at young people. You were able to create your own homepage using HTML and CSS. I spent hours and hours creating crazy layouts, spinning animated Gifs, scrolling text and much more! This is where I learnt the very basics of HTML & how to structure pages. 

Let's work together

If you have a project in mind and would like my help to get it off the ground, or you would like my help with anything else, please feel free to get in touch!